Fairmount Park – Industrial Revolution 1876-1880
by Windham Fabrics

Threadbear1876 in America was “the year of the great anniversary.”   This was the year of the nation’s 100th birthday, and there was much to celebrate.

There was tremendous industrial growth after the Civil War, and the country was on the brink of becoming the major manufacturing force of the world.

One particular celebration took place in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park.   Over 100,000 people came to see the great displays of machines, inventions, andamusing spectacles.

The great Machinery Hall covered 14 acres and housedmachines to saw logs, spin cotton and print newspapers.   Most stunning was the 700 tonne Corliss steam engine, generating 2500 horsepower to the hall.

It was said that the intent of this exhibition was to present to the rest of the world that the United States was the leader in technological achievement. $24.25 per metre